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from: Australia
price: $13.00
Yellow Tail Shiraz
A go-to favorite, it's nice to always have a couple of bottles of this inexpensive but full-bodied shiraz on hand. It will suit a variety of tastes and can be paired with many different types of dishes.

from: France
price: $40.00
From the description on the bottle: "A refreshing blend of premium French vodka, exotic fruit juices, and a touch of cognac". This liqueur has a fascinating aqua blue color and a smooth sweet taste – it's a great stand-in for a standard after-dinner dessert wine. Serve chilled.
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Top-Rated Wines at Recent Events:

Yellow Tail
2013 shiraz from Australia

Rated 8.0/10
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2011 shiraz from Okanagan Valley

Rated 7.0/10
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Albero Spanish red
2010 red from Spain

Rated 6.4/10
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