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Are you thinking about hosting a wine tasting event? Or are you looking for an event to attend?
We can help in either of these cases:

Attending an Event
Although many of our events are not open to the general public (corporate or other private functions), we also organize and run wine tastings in Vancouver for which anyone 19 or older can sign up. Many of these are singles events, but some are holiday-themed, and others are run in partnership with local establishments. Check our News page or Twitter account for updates on upcoming events; we're also working on a Calendar section for our "Events" page.

Hosting an Event
Whether you'd like to run a small home tasting for your friends, or a larger event for 100+ clients, we can help!
You want to run your own small private wine tasting:

First, check our Wine Tasting Tips page – it contains all the important information you'll need when planning your wine tasting.

Next, you can create an event using our software. This allows you to:

  • Set up a tasting for one of 16 different kinds of drinks, including beer, scotch, sake, and even olive oil!
  • Send classy email invitations to your guests.
  • The guests may then RSVP in response.
  • Set up an Internet-connected touchscreen tablet such as an iPad or Android device (or a regular computer), and guests can enter their wine ratings during the event.
  • Guests can view bar charts of the ratings.
  • Our software lets you run a draw for a prize.
  • Afterwards, guests can find full results on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Cost: only $10/year (less than $1/month) for individuals.

Check our Products page for handy items such as corkscrews, wine glass charms, and bottle covers that will help you run your event.

You would like us to organize and/or run your wine tasting:

You may want to host a tasting at your office or residence, but we can also locate and book an appropriate venue. All services listed in the box at left will be available; we will provide snacks, set up the venue with a bar and related equipment, bring in our electronic wine-rating equipment / large touchscreen device, provide wine glasses, and take care of all other details needed to run a successful event.

We also provide free prizes (such as a bottle of wine) that will be given away over the course of the evening. At the conclusion of the event each guest will receive a custom printout of their top-rated wines (as well as a link to the website where they can view further information and full results).

Please contact us for pricing – it will vary depending on whether you require a venue, bar and bar equipment, and on how many guests are expected. Generally the cost will run about $75/hour for a minimum of four hours for a small event of 20 or fewer guests. Additional costs may include extra servers for larger groups, third-party venue-booking costs, special snack or food requests, and the wines themselves if needed. We can provide you with a quote based on your particular requirements.